Stop Over-Paying Your Taxes

In the wake of the recent tax changes, income tax planning is not what it used to be.

Tax minimization and inheritance tax planning are so important, especially for those with larger estates. Those retirees who understand the complex rules of the tax game being played will keep more of their hard-earned money over time.

Cameron Wealth Group isn’t a tax professional, but we can work closely with your CPA or Tax Attorney to make sure you are maximizing your tax planning income while out tax brackets are historically low. In the near future, we believe tax brackets will increase due to our national spending habits and debt. For now, taxes are lower, and it is wise to take advantage of that.

Our customized tax map can help you answer questions like:

  • How can you best maximize your pre-taxable retirement?
  • Is there room for a Roth conversion?
  • If you gave to a charity or your church, should you gift some of your gains instead of writing a check from your checking account?
  • Are you appropriately harvesting losses to reduce taxes owed?

It’s also possible to reduce or eliminate taxes owed on your Social Security! We believe knowledge is power – especially tax knowledge.

Is your retirement protected?

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